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Oregon To Update Child Support Computer System

The Oregon Department of Justice recently announced they are upgrading the Child Support Program's computer system. Conversion to the new system will occur in four phases between September 2018 and April 2019. During this time, employers may see a mix of old and new versions of forms. Employers may also receive duplicate portal email notifications. These variances are temporary and will end once all cases are transferred to the new system.

As part of the transition, all child support cases will be assigned a new 15-digit case number. Withholding notices will be sent to employers with the new case numbers included. To avoid withholding errors, employers should review the employee name, custodial parent name, and children's names on all orders received to determine if the notice is for a new case or is for an existing case that has been assigned its new 15-digit case number. If your payroll provider or other third party remits child support payments on your behalf, be sure to forward the new notices to them to ensure payments reference the new case numbers.

Employers who are not registered for the Employer Services Portal are encouraged to sign up. The portal allows employers to electronically report new hires, update current employee information, receive and respond to Income Withholding Notices, receive and respond to National Medical Support Notices, and submit child support payments. Once the upgrade is complete, employers will also be able to electronically receive and respond to Verification of Employment notices through their existing portal account.

Employers will also start receiving National Medical Support Notices for custodial parents ordered to provide health care coverage. These notices should be handled the same way as the National Medical Support Notices currently received for parents paying support. As with the notices for support parents, employers will be able to electronically receive and respond to the new notices for custodial parents through their portal account.

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