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Payroll On Time is a local company dedicated to helping YOUR business succeed.
Our highly skilled staff will use their knowledge and expertise to help your business grow and stay compliant. We understand payroll can be confusing and overwhelming. Our mission is to take the worry of payroll out of your hands, providing you the freedom to center your attention on your business.


Thad Davis

President and Founder

Thad has been in payroll almost his entire adult life. He moved to Oregon in 2000 and received his first job at Paychex as a front line payroll specialist. Over the years, he expanded his responsibilities, including opening and staffing a new branch from zero and working for other large payroll companies. He decided to open his own payroll firm in October 2016, with the goal of providing a more client centered, local service.

Jill Hopkins

VP of Finance and Shareholder

Jill started her career at Paychex, where she worked with Thad onboarding new clients.  After 7 years, she decided to foray into the world of accounting.  She worked for two small local firms, providing accounting, payroll, and tax preparation services to clients in the restaurant, brewery, and creative service industries. Jill brought her career full circle when she joined Payroll On Time as VP of Finance in August 2017.




Bobbie Dunn

Bobbie started her payroll career at Paychex in 2002. She started as a payroll specialist and worked her way up to new client specialist (where she met Thad and Jill) before finally moving to major market services.  At the end of 2013, she took a hiatus to follow her husband when his job took him to Ketchikan followed by Tacoma. While in Tacoma, she answered a text from Thad and signed on to be a payroll analyst for Payroll On Time.

Michelle Parks

Michelle has 15 years experience in payroll, 14 years in human resources, and 10 years in accounting.  She has been in specialist, administrator and management roles. She has 2 children, ages 18 and 15.  She is the wife of a Pastor and loves to help people.  Michelle lives in the countryside of Texas and loves sitting outside because it is peaceful, but she is scared of every bug and spider and will runaway when she sees them.



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