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Employment Posters

Employers are required to post wage and labor information so employees know the rights provided to them by both federal and state laws. Labor law posters must be displayed in a conspicuous place all employees have access to. Additionally, the Family Medical Leave Act, Equal Employment Opportunity, and Employee Polygraph Protection Act posters must be posted in a place where applicants for employment can see them. Recommended locations are a break room or lunch room.

Anytime a labor law changes, employers must update their posters. Many federal labor laws and state minimum wage changes take affect at the beginning of the calendar year, so year end is a great time to start thinking about updating your posters.

Many companies sell composite posters that bundle all the required information in to one federal poster and one state poster. However, posters are also available individually from the agencies at no cost. Federal posters can be obtained from the Department of Labor. Oregon posters can be obtained from the Bureau of Labor and Industries. Washington posters can be obtained from the Employment Security Department.

In additional to labor law posters, employers must also post information regarding their worker's compensation insurance coverage. Most insurance companies provide a poster than can be displayed with your other employment posters.

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